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The goal of is to demonstrate and lead the Body of Christ to a more complete vision of the redemptive work of Christ.  We will emphasize the implications of Christ’s life, death and resurrection as the only hope for all mankind and for “making all things new.”  Therefore we will be recommending resources by individuals that we believe uphold the Story of God as it is delineated in the historic creeds.

First here are some books by authors who are defending the view of Ultimate Reconciliation:

Hope Beyond Hell by Gerry Beauchemin

The Inescapable Love of God by Thomas Talbott

The Evangelical Universalist by Robin Parry (pseudonym “Gregory MacDonald”)

The One Purpose of God by J. Bonda

The History of Time and the Genesis of You by Peter Hiett

Also it is very important to have access to an interlinear Bible in order to check the translation of some words/passages as they are brought up in these works and as questions arise.  We recommend:

Interlinear Bible by StudyLight

Blue Letter Bible


Websites:  Free downloadable book and study material  How the Body of Christ Has Always Been Walking In Christian Universalism…Together
Perichoresis Dr. C. Baxter Kruger and the Trinity as Foundational for the Gospel
We will also point out some resources that support the Story of God’s universal love by logical implication.  Also you will begin to see how the Church teaches the universal love of God when you consider all their different emphases collectively.                        
Within the following authors together  you will see this God who loves all His creation without exception and offers His love and redemption to all of humanity. But you will also see that this God is not only willing but able to save every person He came to die for. We are shown that this God’s idea of justice is not in getting justice but in doing justice.  This God’s mission for the world is to save it and He has chosen His elect to bring this message and reality of hope and redemption to His lost world.  He has a plan to restore the status of shalom to His entire universe.  Resurrection is His last word, not crucifixion and death.  And we all agree that it is our heart’s desire and yearning for all of this to be true!  This is the God we worship and adore together as one Body; this is what we are collectively doing right now!                                                                                                                                                               
The following authors as one Body point to a holistic view of the God of Scripture
Far As the Curse Is Found by Michael Williams   (emphasis on the restorative purpose of the Gospel)
ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church by Alan Hirsch   (emphasis on the missional aspect of our election/redemption; that we are blessed to BE a blessing for the rest of the world)
The Cross Is Not Enough by Clifford and Johnson   (emphasis on the resurrection, appealing to the power of the Early Church as believers of hope in the restoration of all things)
Generous Justice by Tim Keller   (emphasis on the nature of true Biblical justice as restorative in nature and returning things to their intended purpose)
Against Calvinism by  Roger Olsen  (emphasis on God’s love and redemption for all of humanity)
For Calvinism by  Michael Horton  (emphasis on God’s powerful and sovereign ability to save completely every person He loves and died for)
Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities by Roger Olsen  (further clarification of the biblical support for a universal love of God for the world)
Traveling Light by Max Lucado  (emphasis on great compassion for the lost and great hope for the wideness of God’s mercy)
Beauty Will Save the World by Brian Zahnd  (emphasis on the beauty of the Story of God and challenging us to hold in suspect “any doctrine that does not come across as truly beautiful”)
Jesus and the Undoing of Adam by Dr. C. Baxter Kruger (emphasis on the Trinity as foundational to the Gospel where we are included before the foundation of the world into the life of the Father, Son and Spirit. Eph 1)
The Gospel In Ten Words by Paul Ellis (The radical-grace message as the means toward true Christian freedom and holiness. This radical-grace message by nature embraces elements of both Arminianism and Calvinism restoring the original gospel of grace)
We contend that it is not necessary to just read books on “Christian Universalism” in order to understand or believe this view.  The rich and gracious teaching by our foremost evangelical leaders are painting for us a view that far exceeds any book on “universalism.”  But we need to see them TOGETHER as a Body of Truth given to us for our edification.  We need to consider them ALL, at the same time.  As Paul said “why would you say to the foot I don’t need you?”  So as you read your favorite authors remember to place their “part” of the Story of God in context with the vital parts of the others.  Together we have a beautiful presentation and picture of the Gospel as truly Good News!

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