Scot McKnight

A remarkable movement toward pure grace is emerging from both the Arminian (freewill) and the Calvinistic (predestination) realms of the Body of Christ. Whether your bottom line for salvation is man’s freewill or God’s sovereign choice the conclusion is the same: anything that adds to the message that Jesus Christ has done it all is […]

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Good Friday: Stories of the Atonement

by Phillip on April 7, 2012

When I first read the word “theory” in the same sentence as the Atonement I was decidedly alarmed. Years later I understand that that is an accepted adjective for a view of the Atonement by all theologians.  This is because for 2000 years the exact meaning, significance and definitive nature of the work on the […]

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“Jesus Creed-ers” Love Justice

by Phillip on April 3, 2012

Chapter 15 of Scot McKnight’s book The Jesus Creed is called, “Jesus Creed-ers Love Justice”. Are you a Jesus Creed-er?  Do you love justice?  It all sounds positive. In all the recent controversy over the nature of hell the mantra we all heard most often was “God is love yes, but we mustn’t forget that […]

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Scot McKnight: “The Divine Gospel Comedy”

by Phillip on March 15, 2012

Scot McKnight is known as a bridge builder having maintained respect from both sides of the church, conservative and liberal, and it is not difficult to see why.  In his book Embracing Grace: A Gospel For All of Us, McKnight begins by stating that “the gospel belongs to the whole Church… We know that none of […]

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