Is Satan More Powerful Than God?

by Phillip on March 3, 2012

The poster below was found on this site:

The text reads:

“Why Satan is more powerful than God.

Because of original sin you will go to hell. 1

However God desires that all men be saved. 2

In effort to save many from death and hell God spent several thousand years developing a plan. 3

This plan involved a miraculous birth, 33 year life, and horrific death of His Son. 4

But this plan of salvation only provides salvation for a lucky fraction of all mankind who hear and believe. 5

All of this in an attempt to undo what Satan accomplished with a single conversation…and it isn’t working. 6

Christians actually believe this.

They believe that Satan is either much more powerful or much more intelligent than God.”

1. Rom 3:23;   2. 2 Peter 3:9;   3. Wikipedia;   4. Jn 3:16;   5. Luke 13:23-28;   6. Gen 3:1-4

Does the gospel message that we have been presenting to the world, which we have called good news, sound like good news to them?  Would the world consider it beautiful news?  Does the story of billions of human beings missing the chance to be “saved” and hopelessly ending up in eternal conscious torment resonate as lovely?  (Phil 4:8)  World aside, is it lovely and beautiful to YOU?

I believe a quote from Brian Zahnd’s new book, Beauty Will Save the World is a powerful response that helps align our perspective with God’s:

“We need to constantly ask ourselves, ‘Is this beautiful? Is this thought beautiful?  Is this attitude beautiful?  Is this action beautiful? Does it reflect the beauty of Christ and His cruciform?’  If the common man doesn’t recognize what we do in the name of Christ as beautiful, we should at least reexamine it. If a particular doctrine doesn’t come across as truly beautiful, then we should hold it suspect.

“Someone may raise the question, ‘Can beauty be trusted?’  I believe it can, as long as we make the critical distinction between the shallow and the faddish thing that our modern culture calls ‘image’ and the absolute value that our ancestors have always understood as beauty.  We can rightly evaluate our faith and practice in terms of beauty for this very reason:  The Lord and His ways are beautiful. ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time.’

…It’s time to recover the form and beauty of Christianity.”  pg 31

We believe the true Gospel is presently being recovered and it is beautiful and breath-taking indeed: the God who desires that all be saved is the SAME God who is powerful and alluring enough to draw all to Himself through His relentless love and grace!




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