Eric Metaxas – Functional Universalist?

by Phillip on February 22, 2012

Eric Metaxes, author of  two best-selling biographies covering the lives of Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer gave a presentation of the gospel at the National Day of Prayer breakfast.  This has been named one of the most stunning and bold presentations of the Gospel ever given in this setting.  Take a watch and experience your heart fill with astonishment over Metaxas’ ease in which he gives his testimony and shares about the meaning of authentic prayer with a special surprise at the end.  He is quite humorous and entertaining as well.  But please note how any hint of an eternal hell is conspicuously absent. Is he a “functional universalist”?

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December 18, 2012: An update on Metaxas’ thoughts regarding the idea of the ultimate restoration of all mankind. We found this quote in response to his friend George Sarris’ pending book on the subject of Biblical Universalism:

“Bravo! While I’m not yet sure what I make of all his conclusions, I am quite sure that my friend George Sarris should be applauded for beginning this extremely important conversation in a way that is not merely provocative or sensationalistic, but that is decidedly thoughtful, courageous, and humble. May all who engage what he says be so as well, to the glory of God.”

– Eric Metaxas

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